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I first wanted to start off by saying thank you to all of our loyal customers that have been with us since 1957. It brings great joy seeing the familiar faces and hearing the stories of the old Smokestack on 71 hwy. Today business and life has all around changed and I have prided myself to stay true to the barbeque style I learned from my Mom. I make sure I have the best possible product at the cheapest pricing and backed by professional service. I plan on staying around for quite some time and will carry on the tradition with my own family, fourth generation. I'm proud to see Smokestack grow from where it was to where it is now and look forward to continue to change and evolve every day! - Ben Eisman (Owner)


Smokestack BBQ was originally founded in 1957 by Russ and Flora Fiorella. They ran Smokestack on 71 Highway until their kids finally got old enough and took an interest in the restaurant business. Russ was the one who helped his daughter Mary start her very own Smokestack. Mary’s first Smokestack was originally at 85th and Wornall, and then she decided to move it to our current location here at 89th and Wornall. Smokestack has been at this location for over 25 years. It was at this location that the owner Ben would finally realize that BBQ is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Ben grew up watching his mom run the restaurant, learning the ins and outs of maintaining and running a family business. He finally decided to take over the family restaurant in 2004, when his mom, Mary, fell ill. Today, we pride ourselves as a family owned and operated business, reaching out to our customers -- some of whom have been with us since the very beginning, way back in 1957. To this day, we still use the hickory pit that is lit every single morning and makes our entire variety of foods for that day. We do it the old fashioned way, as Russ would say. We have kept all the original recipes that Russ started and make sure that he would be happy that the business he started from scratch is still being kept up by third generation. We try to keep everything the original way. We strive to make each and every dining experience for our customers a satisfying one. Today, Smokestack offers a full catering menu, as well as a banquet room. Smokestack thanks you for dining with us, and we’ll see ya next time!

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